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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. AWS offers for content distribution networking, database storage and other functionality. AWS has the services to help you build advanced applications with improves flexibility, scalability and reliability… ADVANTAGES OF USING AMAZON WEB SERVICES – Adjustable in cloud hosting across availability zones Comfortable automatic backups that enable disaster recovery Secure layered application monitoring with CloudWatch and custom monitors Integration of existing or legacy applications with AWS cloud applications Fast set up and use of cloud-based Amazon data storage Our database experts can migrate your databases and then take responsibility for managing your cluster in AWS. Our DBA team provides full-time equivalent service to support database clustering and replication, extending our 100% SLA to your database platform.

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Realizing all the needs, we work towards developing secure, cleanly coded, mobile friendly and scalable product (be it web or mobile) With proven industry experience and extensive market research across industries, we validate your idea and present a viable solution. We work continuously towards upgrading and enhancing your product, adding latest features and trending technology.

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